Data Science Indonesia

Data Driven Collaborative Process with Action for Value Creation

Data Science Indonesia was established in May 2015 to champion data-driven technology in the spirit of public-private partnership as well as to engage both technical and non-technical audience to practice the culture. We never say data science is a one-person work hence our network personas ranging from data scientist, web developer, lecturer, to media analyst that embody the process as a team-effort.

But data is the one thing we have in common. We believe that data should be the foundation to push and drive impactful actions that can change or shape our life. DSI strives to be the national center of excellence in data science, we look forward to bringing the enthusiasm in data science to grow and evolve among Indonesians in particular. Pushing further on the possibilities of implementing data science approaches in Indonesia, we expect the same submersion in commercial, civic, humanitarian sector, and more. We seek challenging projects, offbeat collaborations, advanced research to continually broaden and improve all parts of our knowledge in data science. To open these opportunities, we believe that our actions and interactions should be explorative, encouraging, and engaging.

Data Science Indonesia community founded and managed by Yayasan Data Science, registered in Kemenkumham as legal entity (Yayasan/Foundation).